Samply MDR GUI

Samply MDR is an implementation of ISO 11179-3. It offers various REST interfaces, a convenient graphical userinterface, an adapter to other MDR implementations like the caDSR MDR, and other great features.

This project implements the Graphical User Interface only.


See the MDR Bundle install guide.


Open your web browser and navigat to the application, e.g. http://localhost:8080/mdr-gui, see your application servers documentation for more informations. The admin interface is available under the /admin/ path, e.g. or http://localhost:8080/mdr-gui/admin/.


This project uses the following technologies:

  • Servlet filter for authentication (OAuth2) and authorization, e.g. the /user/ folder
  • JSF 2.2 (currently the mojarra implementation)
    • composite components for
      • lists of definitions and designations
      • lists of elements and a single element
      • the details view of an elements
      • the constraints of a namespace
      • list of permitted values
      • list of slots
      • the value domain of a data element
  • Bootstrap, JQuery(-UI), Select2,


Use maven to build the war file:

mvn clean package