Version 1.8.0 (unreleased)

  • Renamed the configuration file to auth.oauth2.xml
  • The “My Drafts” view now offers a new button which releases all marked elements
  • the view site now works with the back button from the browser
  • the catalog wizard now verifies the uploaded catalog using the XSD file from the mdr-catalog-xsd project
  • the new OAuth2 web filter handles the Samply Auth login with code, the old samplyLogin.xhtml is just a redirect from the Maintenance (the first web filter) to index.xhtml
  • the old “My Namespaces” view has been replaced. The “view” shows the owned namespaces separately.
  • added a textfield with the URN in the detail view
  • added the maven site documentation

Version 1.7.0

  • Added more than one hostname to the oauth2 configuration file
  • the search method now checks if the text is a valid urn, if it is, it shows the element as result
  • the permissible values are now shown as a table in readonly mode
  • the element wizard now adds the necessary slots and definitions if required
  • the namespaces in the View view are now ordered
  • the project name can be parametrized using the context parameter ‘projectName’
  • the ranges of value domains are now shows as ‘234<=x<=1232’ if applicable
  • fixed a bug that prevented the creation of namespaces for OSSE users

Version 1.6.0

  • Added namespace constraints (required languages and slots for new elements)
  • Added a new option for groups that allows updating a group and all its elements, provides also an overview of the update process. Also shows a dialog that informs the user about the process.
  • Implemented the “defaultGrant” configuration
  • The stylesheets and javascript files are now loaded by script and link tags, with an additional version parameter to prevent caching across different versions
  • the navigation bar at the bottom of the page used in the wizard has no longer the same background color as the top navigation bar. The wizard itself has a slightly gray background color, so that the user can identify the complete wizard
  • added support for catalogs